Features & Prices

YorName is Different

• Choose from more than 30 Domain endings, with more to come.
• We make the yearly fee clear and consistent. No heavily discounted first year, then expensive subsequent years.
• YorName keeps your personal information in the WHOis record private, automatically, for free.

Simple Yearly Pricing

Domain - TLD Price / Year
.com USD 15
.org USD 17
.net USD 17
.be USD 14
.ch USD 15
.co USD 32
.co.uk USD 12
.com.br USD 27
.com.pt USD 17
.de USD 14
.es USD 16
.eu USD 14
.fr USD 14
.in USD 15
.io USD 48
.it USD 59
.me USD 20
.me.uk USD 19
.mx USD 44
.org.uk USD 10
.ovh USD 5.99
.pl USD 14
.pt USD 17
.site USD 31
.top USD 10
.tv USD 37
.tw USD 25
.uk USD 13
.us USD 15

Anytime, Anywhere

Manage Your Domains on Your Phone

With YorName Apps for Android and iOS
• All domain settings and transfers can be managed as easily on your phone as on the web.
• Use your domain with any website builder or host of your choice.
• Set up free a email account for your domain with Zoho.

Why Not Try SimDif ?

Free Website & Website Builder

• Create a Free website with SimDif, the fully featured website builder for phones, computers and tablets, with the same features on all.
• Make up to 7 free Starter sites.
• Get Free hosting & a Free SSL certificate ( https:// )
• With SimDif Pro ( ≈ $9/month ) you can create an Online Store, blog, and much more.

What is 'Domain Registration' ?

Domain Registration is Ownership, But Not for Life

When you buy a domain you own it, and it's yours for as long as you pay the yearly registration fee. There is no way to buy a domain forever.